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★ even the smallest touch; i'll take it ★

a picture a day community of nakachii

You (裕) & You (侑)
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the most sweet-devilish pairing in HSJ
いらっしゃいませ! Welcome to yyclub_aday community, where we give you a daily dose of Nakajima Yuto and Chinen Yuri from a Japanese boyband Hey! Say! JUMP. Being the tallest and smallest in HSJ, Yuto and Chinen often teasing each other which makes them so cute and precious to us; the fans. So, what are you waiting for? Join to have more of their moe moe kyunn moments~! ♥
happy people is happy
Both of them entered Johnny's Agency at a very young age. Yuto entered on 2004 while Chinen has entered a year early. However both of them never met each other until 2007, when Chinen moved from Hanamatsu to Tokyo and met Yuto there. Since then, they have been together until now along with Yamada Ryosuke.

Most fans always see them as pair of brothers since Yuto and Chinen almost resembles each other especially if both of them turned their back. But thank God Yuto is taller so we all know which on is Yuto and which one is Chinen. Don't you guys think these two suitable for best friends, rivalry (fight for Yamachan lol), couple (♥) and the newest, master and butler (my personal favourite) ? well, I think so :3


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